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August 2nd, 2009

I bet no one plays the harp down there.

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  1. Chris says:

    Orpheus would, though technically, it would be a lyre.

  2. Joel says:


  3. BK says:

    Thank you for giving me one more semi-regular minute or two to look at something on the Internet before doing work.

  4. Lee says:

    The first time I look at this, I thought it said “Bad” (not “Rad”). The second time I looked at it I noticed the Pentagram should be inverted for this particular environment. :)

  5. The pentagram would be right if the demon who made it was a convert to Paganism. Or maybe the pentagram rules are reversed down there because of the outward gravity at the Earth’s core.

  6. Saurabh says:

    Is this guy the magician in the earlier comic?

  7. PRYD says:

    More than likely the demons positioned the pentagram that way to fuck with you.
    They ARE demons, after all.

  8. Sam says:

    actually, we all live upside down and hell is up, so they’re actually on the ceiling and the pentagram is correct. Evil Rules!!!

  9. lolcat says:

    Is that a satanic video game? Like some RTS involving space docking?

  10. Good thing nobody there has a nose, what with the brimstone and all.