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Venice Beach (Journal Comic)

Venice Beach (Journal Comic)

September 23rd, 2011

Here’s a true story from a recent trip to Venice Beach. I’m pretty¬†desensitized¬†to the crowd down there, but this guy stood out as being waaay overqualified for the job.

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Discussion (8)¬

  1. The Alien says:

    Something must be wrong with my eyes… Did boatcrime just update?

  2. AUGH says:


  3. kat says:

    Is this…
    what I think it is?

    For the love of God, please let this be the permanent return of boatcrime.

  4. angry fan says:

    seriously, screw you guys, you are lucky you have 2 views on this site you can bang together.
    Great comic, btw.

  5. curlielockss says:

    So glad they updated!
    I hope its permanent toooo! ^_^

  6. Gale says:

    Oho, an update

  7. WAT WAT WAT says:

    It returneth? Please let it be so!

  8. Ha ha ha… that’s pretty awesome. That would be some fun performance art. Saying smart things while looking crazy.