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September 15th, 2009

Historically the Bomb-Dawgs were crucial to gang-containment in 1970s Chicago. Also they were Hella Dope.

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  1. blargh! says:

    Completely random but it has its own inspired hilarity. Awesome as usual.

  2. Mordoz Lord of Cookies says:

    I dig it. Awww yeah!

  3. FupDuckTV says:

    Who let the dawgs out? Who? Who? Who?

  4. blorp says:

    If you play this comic backwards and at half speed, it sounds like they’re saying HELLA DOPE.

  5. Mojowo says:

    This comic feels slightly like it’s making fun of Achewood, but not directly.

  6. dreamparacite says:

    The cop guy is nipple-man?!

  7. [...] Superpowers (and their recent project over at Boat Crime — including my personal favorite Bomb Dawgs) will be attending ROFLCon [...]

  8. The Best Medicine says:

    Wht does hella dope mean?

  9. Joey says:

    The second dawgs tail looks like a weiner from a distance