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Dinosaur Island

Dinosaur Island

July 6th, 2009

There is one huge gaping hole in Jurassic park that still bothers me: When they first land on the island, the scientist lady examines the flora and remarks, “these plants have been extinct for years!” Later in the film, we are treated to a passable explanation about how they are able to clone dinosaurs from blood inside mosquitoes. This doesn’t explain, however, WHERE IN THE HELL THEY GOT THE EXTINCT PLANTS! Were there some vegetarian mosquitoes frozen in that amber, too?

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  1. The whole DNA crap was just cover for a secret time machine project. The dinosaurs made it to come to the future and escape the extinction. They brought seeds and some landscaping supplies. Humans didn’t want to seem stupid compared to dinos so they claimed to have created them. They hinted at this pretty strongly in the movie.

  2. Frank V. says:

    Maybe they found fossilized dinosaur poop full of seeds.

    The other mistake people make is saying “don’t clone dinosaurs, look at what happened on Jurassic Park!” But the disaster in the movie is the result of sabotage, not inevitability.

    • a says:

      inevitable sabotage, actually. THAT’S the message.

      • Rico says:

        If you are worried about inevitable sabotage you might want to just sit on your thumbs and wait for Death.

        Everything ends up getting used to kill folks or profit at some point. No reason to fear great advances because of it.

  3. hymn says:

    in the book they explain it alot better i remember and there were very few plot holes, also the disaster wasnt caused exclusively by that fat bastard, its been a few years since i read it so im not 100% on all the details

    • Frank V. says:

      You’re right, in the book the dinosaurs had already begun escaping the island and breeding on their own. Those issues were only addressed in movies 2 and 3, however. After everything went to balls in the first one.

  4. anonymous says:

    as far as i know the females are the only ones that need blood to survive while breeding. male mosquitoes drink nectar so i guess if pollen got on them i guess they could have gotten some of the plant dna from the males.

  5. SCIENCEMAN says:

    Only female mosquitoes bite animals, the males feed on, you guessed it, plants!!

  6. Late says:

    THANK YOU! That plant thing has been bugging me for fucking years!

  7. “Is that West Indian Lilac?”

  8. Boris says:

    They obviously got the plant DNA from inside the plant-eating dinosaurs.

  9. Atello says:


  10. A Non says:

    In fact, there are vegetarian mosquitoes.


  11. JuBonGa says:

    thoose weren’t plants thoose were dinosaurs

  12. Ushanka says:

    There are no extinct plants in Jurassic Park (park) according to Jurassic Park (book).

    “Beyond a fence, they came to the swimming pool, which spilled over into a series of waterfalls and smaller rocky pools. The area was planted with huge ferns. ‘Isn’t this extraordinary?’ Ed Regis said. ‘Especially on a misty day, these plants really contribute to the prehistoric atmosphere. These are authentic Jurassic ferns, of course.’
    Ellie paused to look more closely at the ferns. Yes, it was just as he said: Serenna veriformans, a plant found abundantly in fossils more than two hundred million years old, now common only in the wetlands of Brazil and Colombia. But whoever had decided to place this particular fern at poolside obviously didn’t know that the spores of veriformans contained a deadly beta-carboline alkaloid. Even touching the attractive green fronds could make you sick, and if a child were to take a mouthful, he would almost certainly dieā€”the toxin was fifty times more poisonous than oleander.”

    And, later:

    “The Land Cruiser passed through a grove of low, stumpy palm trees. Richard Kiley was saying, ‘Notice, first of all, the remarkable plant life that surrounds you. Those trees to your left and right are called cycads, the prehistoric predecessors of palm trees. Cycads were a favorite food of the dinosaurs. You can also see bennettitaleans, and ginkgoes. The world of the dinosaur included more modern plants, such as pine and fir trees, and swamp cypresses. You will see these as well.’”

    As far as I can tell, these are the only plants mentioned by name.


  13. Wardog says:


  14. Kevin says:

    clever girl

  15. Sigh says:

    The most obvious gaping hole in that tale is that they got the mosquito from amber in Costa RIca, which at the time of the dinosaurs never existed. *Muted trombone*